The Kiel Institute's Advanced Studies Program 2016/2017

In the context of its forthcoming Advanced Studies Program 2016/17, the Kiel Institute will again offer several one-week and two-week courses with outstanding teachers:
Macroeconomics in Open Economies                              Roberto Rigobon (MIT)
Financial Markets and the Macro-Economy                     Yuliy Sannikov (Princeton)
Debt Crises and Macro-Prudential Policy                         Enrique Mendoza (Pennsylvania)
Monetary Policy: Theory and Practice                              Volker Wieland (Frankfurt)
Exchange-Rate Economics                                              Lucio Sarno (London)
Firms in International Trade                                               Marc Melitz (Harvard)
Trade Policy Analysis with Gravity Models                      Yoto Yotov (Drexel)
Economic Growth                                                             Gino Gancia (Barcelona)
Economic Development                                                    Marcel Fafchamps (Stanford)
Detailed course outlines are available at the website together with application forms.