Faculty Positions in Humanities and Social Sciences Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar

We at IIT Gandhinagar (IITGN) have embarked on an ambitious journey to be the best Institution in India and among the best in the world. The institute takes an uncompromising position when recruiting its faculty members. We are keen on recruiting those individuals who have demonstrated excellence in research and teaching, and show great promise in continuing to do so. Individuals whose work is interdisciplinary in nature are particularly encouraged to apply. We receive applications throughout the year (without a set deadline). You may apply when you feel you are ready.
Applications are welcome in ALL (including Political Science, International Relations, Sociology, History, Media and Film Studies, Public Health, Demography, Comparative Literature and Philosophy, Civilization Studies, Indian Heritage, History of Science) areas of Humanities and Social Sciences. However, candidates specializing in Sociology (both Quantitative and Qualitative), Economics/Development Economics, Geography and Cultural Studies are especially encouraged to apply.
Some advantages of a faculty position at IITGN are:
Unparalleled research support
 Generous start-up grants that theoretically have no upper limit
 Separate budget for procuring high-end research infrastructure
 Schemes to attract top-quality PhD students (higher scholarship and early offers)
 Extra travel support to faculty and students
Innovative Curriculum
 World Education Award (2013) for IITGN education model
 Emphasis on project-based learning and entrepreneurship
 Emphasis on humanities and the arts
 International exposure to students
A stimulating work environment
 Modern, world-class, riverfront campus
 Spacious on-campus housing for faculty
 On-site daycare center
 Located in a vibrant hub of renowned academic institutes
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Qualifications and Pay Scales:
FAQ for Prospective Faculty
For any questions about the application process, please feel free to contact us at faculty.recruitment@iitgn.ac.in.