Funding Opportunity: Education Endowment Foundation (EEF)

Small Grants programme
Value: N/A (only Directly incurred costs and Directly Allocated costs for support and administrative staff)

  • Delivery must take place in English schools/settings
  • Project must be in state schools/colleges (a couple of exceptions: PVIs allowed for early years, training providers for post-16)
  • Approach must be focused on 3-16 year olds, or on English/Maths resits for 16-18 year-olds
  • Applicant must recognise the importance of the independent evaluation and be open to altering their project plan (e.g. changing proposed scale)

Applicants must be a legally constituted body (not individuals)
Funds for: Staff costs, travel and subsistence, activities (workshops, events and conferences) directly linked to the project.
The EEF’s grant funding tests the impact of high-potential projects aiming to raise the attainment of pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds. We do this to find out what’s most likely to work, and to put that into action across the country. We are interested in testing projects’ effectiveness through rigorous independent evaluations, often as randomised controlled trials where appropriate. In all EEF evaluations we also run an implementation and process evaluation, which attempts to explain the mechanism behind any impact. If projects are shown to have an impact, we will support them to scale up to improve outcomes for other disadvantaged children and young people across England.
Current priorities
We are open to ideas on a range of topics. However, we are currently particularly interested in projects that maintain or improve pupil outcomes while reducing teacher workload. This is a priority for schools, teachers and the Department for Education. For example, this could include:

  • approaches to marking and assessment that improve the efficiency of the process without decreasing its impact; or
  • testing models of professional development that effectively influence teacher practice without requiring substantial teacher time

We have funded a large number of trials on primary literacy teaching. We will only consider new proposals in this area by exception, if they would generate significant contributions to the existing evidence base.
Deadline:28th June 2019