Behind the Scenes at the WTO: The Real World of International Trade Negotiations

<style=”font-size: 14px;”>”World hunger, jobs, the overall economic prospects of developing and developed countries alike are all being shaped more and more by the international negotiations about trade, agriculture, services, investment and intellectual property rights going on at the World Trade Organization (WTO). Based on interviews with people actually participating in the negotiations, this remarkable book lifts the shroud of secrecy surrounding these ostensibly democratic negotiations…”[Publisher’s Book Website]

Reviews / Comments
Book review by Robert Staiger in Journal of Economic Literature, 44(2), June 2006. [Earlier version]
The High Stakes of WTO Reform by James Thuo Gathii in Michigan Law Review, 104(6), May 2006.
Book review by Bobby Tuazon in Bulatlat, IV(1),February 2004.
Book review by Gerard Downes in International Affairs, 80(4), September 2004.
Book review by Jeremy Agar in Foreign Control Watchdog, 104, December 2003.

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