One Economics, Many Recipes: Globalization, Institutions, and Economic Growth

“In One Economics, Many Recipes, leading economist Dani Rodrik argues that neither globalizers nor antiglobalizers have got it right. While economic globalization can be a boon for countries that are trying to dig out of poverty, success usually requires following policies that are tailored to local economic and political realities rather than obeying the dictates of the international globalization establishment. A definitive statement of Rodrik’s original and influential perspective on economic growth and globalization, One Economics, Many Recipes shows how successful countries craft their own unique strategies–and what other countries can learn from them…” [Publisher ‘s Book Website]

Author’s Interview, IMF, November 2007.
Reviews / Comments
Book review by Mukti Upadhyay in Journal of International and Global Studies, 1(2), April 2010.
Book review by Andrés Rodríguez-Clare in Journal of International Economics, 77(1), February 2009. [Earlier version]
Book review by Jonathan Temple in The Economic Journal 119(535), February 2009.
Book Review by Robert C. Feenstra in The Economic Journal, 119(535), February 2009.
Book review by Declan Trott in Agenda, 15(1), November 2008.
Book review by Robert E. Baldwin, World Trade Review, 7(3), July 2008.
Book review by Christian Kellermann, Rezensionen/Book Reviews, April 2008.
Book review by Richard N. Cooper in Foreign Affairs, March/April 2008.
A Crooked Timber Seminar on Dani Rodrik’s Book edited by Henry Farrell, 2007.
Book review by Piaw Na in Piaw’s Blog, December 2007.
A discussion of Dani Rodrik’s book by Gregory Sanders, November 2007.

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