Economic Gangsters: Corruption, Violence, and the Poverty of Nations

“Meet the economic gangster. He’s the United Nations diplomat who double-parks his Mercedes on New York City streets at rush hour because the cops can’t touch him–he has diplomatic immunity. He’s the Chinese smuggler who dodges tariffs by magically transforming frozen chickens into frozen turkeys. The dictator, the warlord, the unscrupulous bureaucrat who bilks the developing world of billions in aid. The calculating crook who views stealing and murder as just another part of his business strategy. And, in the wrong set of circumstances, he might just be you…” [Publisher’s Website]

Interview by Edward Miguel, Octomber 2008.
Interview by Raymond Fisman, Nov 2008.
Reviews / Comments
Book Review by Dean Yang in Journal of Economic Literature, 49(3), September 2011.
Book Review by Charles Crawford in British Politics and Policy at LSE Blog, March 2011.
Book Review by Tarcisius Mukuka in Development in Practice, 19(6), July 2009.
Book Reviewby Raghav Gaiha in Development and Change, 40(3), May 2009.
Book Review by David A. Savage in Economic Analysis & Policy, 39(1), MARCH 2009.
Book Reviewby Susanne Karstedt in Times Higher Education, February 2009.
Book Review by Steven Poole in The Guardian, November 2008.

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