Royal Economic Society Conference 2014 in Manchester

* Deadline for the submission of papers: 13 October 2013.  This must be done via the link available at
* Deadline for the submission of special session proposals: 3 November 2013.  These should be sent to the Programme Chair at the e-mail address below and should include a short description of the intended session along with the proposed list of contributors (typically three/four, perhaps including the proposer) and indicative paper titles.
The conference has a line-up of distinguished keynote speakers:
* David Autor (MIT) will deliver the EJ lecture;
* Sendhil Mullainathan (Harvard) will deliver the Hahn lecture;
* Hélène Rey (LBS) will deliver the Sargan lecture.
Further information about the conference, including details of financial assistance for PhD students, is available via .  Authors of papers accepted for presentation at the 2014 RES conference will be entitled to submit their papers for possible publication in the associated conference issue of the Economic Journal.