Kiel Institute´s Excellence Award in Global Economics Affairs 2014

Economists until the age of 35 (born 1978 or later) are invited to apply for this award by submitting up to three published or unpublished papers in the field of global economic affairs, and specifically pertaining to the following areas:
International Trade and FDI
Knowledge Creation and Growth
Poverty Reduction, Equity and Development
Environmental Policy
Reforming the Welfare Society
Labour Market Policy
Monetary Policy
Financial Markets and Macroeconomic Activity
Submission of a paper does not preclude publication in the standard outlets. Submitted papers may include coauthored papers.
The aim of the Excellence Award is to build a community of the brightest young researchers in the area of global economic affairs.
Submitted papers will be evaluated by a jury. The top contestants will be granted the “Excellence Award in Global Economic Affairs” at a prize-giving ceremony at the Kiel Institute. In addition, they will receive a Research Fellowship at the Kiel Institute, entitling them to a research visit to the Institute, all expenses paid. Research Fellows will receive research support, access to the Institute’s Virtual Research Communities and the opportunity
to participate in the Institute’s research projects and events.
There are four named Research Fellowships: the “Horst Siebert Fellowship”, the “Porsche Fellowship”, the “Landeshauptstadt Kiel Fellowship” and the “Birke Hospitality Fellowship”. Further information is provided on the Excellence Award website:
Papers should be submitted as email attachment to together with