Jan Tinbergen European Peace Science Conference

23-25 JUNE 2014
We are pleased to announce that the 14th Jan Tinbergen European Peace Science Conference, annual meeting of NEPS, will be held on 23rd -25th June 2014 in the Hague at the International Institute of Social Studies, Kortenaerkade 2518, Den Haag, The Netherlands.
We welcome presentations that address any issue relating to peace and security broadly defined. As in the past, we strive for a multi-disciplinary program comprising contributions with a wide range of theoretical and methodological approaches, including strictly theoretical work, game theory and formal modeling, statistical and econometric analysis, qualitative studies, and experiments. Programs and lists of participants of previous editions are available below.
All abstracts (150-250 words) with a tentative title must be submitted by 31st January 2014.
PhD students are eligible for the Stuart A. Bremer Award. Eligible papers cannot be co-authored with a senior researcher. The winner is rewarded with a bursary to attend the conference of the Peace Science Society (International). If you are a PhD student, please mention your status. List of previous winners is available here.
Those who are interested in participating should submit their proposal including abstract, title, author’ s name(s), affiliation(s) to the following address: conference@europeanpeacescientists.org.
Conference fees are: 80 for senior researchers (NEPS members), 110 euros for senior researchers (non-members), 50 euros for phd students (NEPS members), 60 euros for Phd students (non-members).
Proceedings of the conference will be published on Peace Economics Peace Science and Public Policy.

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