Optimal Trade Policy with Trade Imbalances

By Mostafa Beshkar (Indiana University at Bloomington) and Ali Shourideh (Carnegie Mellon University) A salient feature of international trade is the presence of trade imbalances. How should governments conduct their trade policy under trade imbalances? In a forthcoming paper we ask if trade imbalances influence governments’ choices of trade policies under a standard dynamic trade […]

Welcome New Members November/December 2019

We would like to welcome the following new members to the InsTED network Prof Xue Bai (Brock University). Her research interests are in international trade, industrial organization, economic development and applied microeconomics. Prof Giovanni Maggi (Yale University). His research interests are in international trade and political economy. Prof Adeel Malik (University of Oxford). His research […]

Welcome New Members March 2019

We would like to welcome the following new member to the InsTED Network Prof Julian Jamison (University of Exeter Business School)  His research focuses on the interaction between individual preferences, decisions, and well-being on the one hand, and institutional policies on the other.  Much of it has been carried out in more than a dozen […]

Welcome New Members January 2019

We would like to welcome the following new member to the InsTED Network Prof Emmanuel Milet (Geneva School of Economics and Management).  His research interests lie in the fields of international trade, servitization of manufacturing firms, and ‘trade and labor’. Prof Monika Mrázová (Geneva School of Economics and Management). Her research interests lie in the fields of […]

Global Political Economy Network Conference: Economies and firms in an age of global uncertainty

The Global Political Economy Network Conference is a new two-day academic event aimed at researchers in international economics, political economy, development economics and international business, as well as at policymakers. Organised by the School of Business and Economics’s TRANSIT research interest group and Economics discipline group, Dr Huw Edwards and Dr Ahmad Ahmad are leading on the development of this event as […]

Call for Paper Proposals: 25 Years since TRIPS Patent Policy and International Business

A Special Issue to be published in the Journal of International Business Policy  (http://resource-cms.springernature.com/springer-cms/rest/v1/content/16167440/data/v1) Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) have become ubiquitous in the current debates about trade and gloablization and have emerged as a key issue of contention in global trade and investment negotiations. The ‘Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights’ (TRIPS) Agreement, signed in 1994 as a founding element of the World Trade Organization, represents […]

(When) Do Anti-poverty Programs Reduce Violence? India’s Rural Employment Guarantee and Maoist Conflict

Aditya Dasgupta (University of California, Merced), Kishore Gawande (University of Texas, Austin), and Devesh Kapur (Johns Hopkins University – SAIS) More than half of all nations have experienced a violent civil conflict since 1960.[1] One of the best predictors of conflict outbreak in a country is a low level of economic development and whether it […]