Welcome new members

We would like to welcome the following new members of the InsTED network.

Prof. Christian Robert Ahlin (Michigan State University) His research interests are in micro-finance, finance and development, matching and group formation, corruption and development, inequality, and industrial organization.

Prof. Dominick Bartelme (University of Michigan) His research interests are international trade, economic geography, and economic growth.

Prof. Christian Bogmans (University of Birmingham) His main research interests are in the fields of environmental and energy economics, and international trade.

Prof. Michael Callen (Harvard University) His research fields are development economics, political economy, and experimental economics

Prof. Jenny Guardado (Georgetown University) Her research examines the political and economic mechanisms affecting armed conflict, corruption, and economic development.

Saad Gulzar (New York University) His research interests are in political economy of development, governance, and technology.

Dr. Réka Juhász (Princeton University) Her research interests are in international trade, economic history, and  development and growth.

Gaurav Khanna (University of Michigan) His research focuses on education policy, high skill immigration, infrastructure, and public-works programs and conflict.

Dr. Tim Larsen (Vanderbilt University) His fields of interest are economic history, labor, development, and political economy

Dr. Stephan Litschig (The Institute for Economic Analysis) His research interests are development economics, public economics, political economics, and micro-econometrics.

Prof. Mary E. Lovely (Syracuse University) Her research interests are in international economics, and public economics.

Prof. Devashish Mitra (Syracuse University) His research interests are in international trade, political economy, and development economics.

Prof. Rahul Mukherjee (Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies) His broad areas of research are international macroeconomics, and finance.

Prof. Lourenço Paz (Baylor University) His research focuses on how international trade affect developing countries.

Prof. Thorsten Rogall (University of British Columbia) His recent work in progress are on the topics of income inequality and conflict, organized violence and voting, and community meetings.

Prof. Georg Schaur (University of Tennessee) His publications are in the filed of international economics, economic education, and environmental economics.